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structural audit

To ensure redevelopment passing general body resolution for redevelopment should be passed in AGM to go for redevelopment. At least 75% members consent is required to start the process of redevelopment.

document verification


Assessment of all the available documents furnished by the society such as conveyance deed, society registration certificate, general body resolution to go for redevelopment, list of member with their respective carpet areas, C.T.S. plan & property card of the plot, D.P. remarks. Necessary guidance & help will be given to procure the same if any relevant documents are missing. Physical survey of the plot & the occupied carpet area will also be done. We will also ensure that society has followed all the procedures as laid down by the government of Maharashtra in their circular ref no. CHS/2007/CR554/14-C dated 3/01/2009.

Preparation of ffr

(Financial feasibility report)

A feasibility report to avail the maximum benefits will be prepared by studying the plan & by utilizing the F.S.I. & T.D.R. as per prevailing regulations of M.R.T.P. & DCPR 2034 A detailed report for the same will be submitted to the society.

“Tender” a crucial document, which is will be designed meticulously to avoid any kind of misunderstanding / argument during the course of the project. It will contain technical and financial issues, general conditions and detailed specifications which make it easier to evaluate the offers received by the society. It will contain an agreement with the Developer, Technical and Financial specifications, general conditions and Detailed Specifications as specified by the RCC consultant.

Preparation of
tender to invite
offers from


On the basis of ranking, the projects carried out by the Developers will be inspected, their market reputation will be checked and accordingly the best Developer will be recommended to the society. A detailed study of the various bids, considering technical and commercial angle a bid comparison chart will be prepared. After interviewing & negotititions with the short-listed 3-5 Developers, the society will be authorized to select a mutually acceptable Developer to carry out proposed work.


We along with the help of Legal advisor & RCC consultant will prepare a draft of Development Agreement between the Society and Developer which will Safe guard the project.


In most of the redevelopment projects the Developer shows some plans to the society and gets approved different plan; so afterwards society is left on the mercy of builders. We as a PMC will verify the plans of building prepared by the Developers for the society members in respect of planning, area calculations, legalization and authorization of the area allotted to the members. We will also ensure that any alteration in the plans of society building prepared by builder is of the best satisfaction of society members. As a PMC we will take necessary care so as to verify that the necessary permissions are obtained and legal formalities are fulfilled to secure the project by the Developer before he asks the members to vacate the premises so that the project doesn’t stuck up after demolition of the building We will also confirm the availability of all the Post Construction Approvals.

Vacating the

We will see that the necessary permissions are obtained and legal formalities are fulfilled to secure the project by the developer before he asks the members to vacate the premises, So that the project doesn’t get delay after demolition of the building.


We as a PMC will be inspecting whether the work has been carried out as per approved plans and as per commitments made by the Developer with the society and also whether all the necessary approvals are obtained by builders at every stage of the works.


A chart showing the comparative analysis of all the offers shall be prepared by us, to get an idea of the best offer received. Ranking shall be given by us to the developers on this basis.


The Developer will be asked to prepare a detail work schedule with deadlines as soon as he receives a Letter Of Intent from the Society.

of building

We will verify the plans of proposed building prepared by the developers in respect of planning , carpet area , area calculations, legalization and authorization of the area allotted to the members.


We as a PMC will arrange regular site visits at least 2-3 times a week which will have maximum emphasis given on the quality of the constructions to avoid recurring expensive repairs afterwards. We will also supervise the quality of constructions and verify the structural plan. If needed the necessary instructions/specifications will be issued to the contractor as per the requirements of the structure to have long lasting durability.

possession of

During construction of building co- ordination with the developer shall be done to see that all the formalities for the occupation of the building are fulfilled and members get possession with the occupation certificate.

Why we as PMC

  • Grade I Panel Architect of MHADA.
  • Registered with Council of Architecture (COA).
  • Our Experience as Architect in the field of Building Constructions, Reconstructions, Designs and Municipal Approvals, we are well acquainted with development rules and regulations of Local Authority.
  • We are well equipped with team of Experienced Architects, Civil Engineers and Legal Advisors.
  • We guide society through entire process of redevelopment so that the members can get the maximum benefits from the builder and at any stage of redevelopment members do not get cheated by the developer.
  • Our team of Structural Engineers keeps check on the construction work and ensures better quality of construction from the developer.

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