Depending on the type of project and the scope of our services, we have outside consultants that we have to join our team to supply technical skills and advice so that we give our clients the best possible support for their projects. We are not too proud to admit that we need help from time to time. Because we have had longstanding business relationships and are very proud to work with them, we thought we would provide information about them.

Our Associate Firms have always aimed to assist us in making the experience of undertaking a project as easy and as enjoyable as possible for our clients. Since ages, they have been our bonded participants and backbone of our firm for making us responsible to offer the best of comprehensive and efficient services such as sustainable developments with feasibility and conceptual design, detailed design, planning submission, contract advice, the appointment of Contractor, site inspection and completion of Project. They are the leaders in architecture, interiors, engineering, and the construction industry.

Our associates are among the most talented architects and creative thinkers and through the use of the latest in architectural design tools and technology we execute accurate and complete documentation of projects from the very first conceptual sketches to the final construction documents. The heart of our construction documents lies in the extensive experience with computerized drafting and reproduction techniques used in conjunction with years of experience at the drafting table and on the construction site.

The team who has been a part of our continuous success year after year is here.

Dr. Himanshu Raje

Structural Consultants


Structural Consultants

Mr. Date of
Shreeya Consultancy

Structural Consultants


Consulting Architects


Consulting Architects

S. k. godbole & Associates

Govt. Approved Valuer


Interior Consultants


Civil Consultants & Repair Contractor

janardan bomble

Land Surveyors


Plumbing Consultants


Our architectural and interior design process, called Visioning/Visualization, is a process of imagining an element before the efforts of construction. Our group’s approach is simply a systematic way of imagining and questioning clients that allows our design team to most fully and effectively explores the possibilities and find the path that leads to the most appropriate and innovative design solutions.

Changing lifestyles, trends toward higher building standards, and the evolution of technology, have added enormous complexity to the building design process. We study lifestyle, keep abreast of the changes in building codes and advances in construction methodology, and utilize with care the technology available to accomplish design goals. Our work gains strength with an infusion of ideas from our experienced, professional and creative team which is passionate about style. With each project, our client’s expectations and vision become our own.


Our accredited associate professionals believe in “Liking what you do determines how well you do it”. Our associate professionals have combined innovation and creativity to provide exceptional commercial and corporate architectural services with the built environment that are our central achievements as Architects, Planners, Designers and Researchers.

Our group has established strong personal and professional relationships with our clients to ensure that their dreams are fulfilled and needs are met down to the last detail. Our Group offers a full range of services, from conceptual planning for your design to full service architecture, ensuring your project is carried out as per the details and specifications throughout the course of construction. Our established relationship with our specialists such as engineering consultants and contractors ensures a smooth process from start to finish.

Our association with our professionals is a reflection of three core values that define our firm’s culture: Creativity, Dedication and Passion. We believe in the power of creativity, the most innovative designs blend in just the right amounts, the context of place and the economies of finance for every client.
Our clients receive a responsive, well-considered product that exceeds their expectations.

Members of our firm enjoy an intellectually challenging, professionally rewarding design environment while their neighborhoods reap the rewards of magnificent buildings that are best designed by our team. We redefine architecture by creating design solutions that reflect a social responsibility toward communities and ecosystems with lasting value.

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