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Miracles Of Vastu Shashtra

Today, whenever we talk of buying land, building, factory etc., or constructing a new building on a plot, be it for house, commercial establishment, factory, store, godown etc., we at some stage or the other, more often than not, are confronted with the query "Is it as per vastu? What is vastu? What is its relevance in our day to day context?" These are the questions, which perplex us.

What is Vastu: The Place where a person lives and performs work called Vastu. According to Indian ancient classical texts Vastu means appropriate land for house. All types of houses, buildings, cities, forts, bungalow industries where ever a person lives or works called Vastu. Vastushastra is an ancient Hindu practice to construct buildings in harmony with natural forces for well being of humanity as a whole.

Importance of Vastu: Vastu considers the interplay of various forces of nature involving the five elements of earth, water, wind, fire and space and strives to maintain equilibrium as these elements influence, guide and change the living styles of not only human beings but every living being on earth. Thus they influence our deeds, luck, progress, behavior and other basics of life. Vastushastra is a result-oriented science and gives definite and immediate results if applied properly.

Object of Vastushastra: The object of Vastushastra is to provide guidelines for proper construction of houses, shops, commercial buildings etc. Vastu determines the position of the house and dictates the proportions of every detail in building, lines, directions, skylines, elongations, levels, slopes, water (underground and overhead), kitchen, bedrooms, toilets, staircase, heights of ceilings and roofs, entrances, location of doors and windows, compound walls and so on. Vastushastra suggests ways in which we can live in tune with the laws of nature so that we can be healthy, peaceful and work efficiently in prosperity.


Vastu for office ensures the smoothness of work in the office premises. Vastu remedies to make sure that the employees work efficiently and effectively, proving to be an asset for the company. Vastu principles for offices, takes into consideration many factors like proper location of the office, office exteriors in terms of its slope, shape etc, direction in which different departments of the office and the reception are located, position of various electronic gadgets and many more.
If the office is against vastu norms, we will find ourselves standing against natural forces. One of the basic mottos of vastu is to extract maximum out of natural forces so that we can get maximum energy for each and every field of life. If we are standing in opposition to nature, some of the energy fields are obstructed and we will find ourselves lagging behind in several spheres of life. Let’s know theVastu tips for office.

Accounts Department: The Accounts Department should be in north-east or south-east zone and the accountant should face towards east, while working. If the Accounts Department also has public dealing then those employees can faces north. Cashier’s cabins should be located in the northern zones of the complex.

Reception: The Reception is north-east corner, and the receptionist should face north or east while sitting. He/she should sit in such a way that he/she faces each and every person coming inside the office. Waiting area can be in north-east or north-west.

Marketing And Sales Department: The Marketing And Sales Department can be made in north-west corner. Cabins for field staff, peons, drivers and other can be made in this zone.

Conference Room: The Conference Room is north or west direction. Conference table should not be of circular or elliptical shape. It disturbs magnetic balance of that area and all meetings end without any decisions being made.

Record Room: The Record Room can be in south, west or southwest direction. This is the zone which should have all types of stationery; files etc. and other usable/discarded office items which are meant for storage carry the maximum load. p

Store Room: The Store Room for waste material can also be made in this zone. Do not put any table except the reception desk, exactly opposite the main entrance. It can create health problems for staff. Sitting below a beam or a loft is prohibited as per vastu rules, as it increases tension and leads to depression.

Cabins: Typically, the door of any cabin should face towards north or east. Any person who occupies that cabin should also sit facing east or north. Size of table in any room should not be too big or too small. If it is too big then that person will always feel tired and if it is too small then it reduces his confidence level.

Gadgets: Phone, fax machine, photo copiers can be placed in south-east corner and water glass can be placed in north-east corner of the table. Computer should be kept in south-east corner of a cabin and filing cabinet should be in south-west corner of that zone.

Drinking Water, Water Cooler etc: Drinking Water, Water Cooler water filter should be in north-east corner of the office. This is the zone of water element. Water is related to finance as per vastu and fang-shui norms. So, keeping water in this zone increases your financial status. South-east is the direction for pantry in office. Toilet should not be below, above, adjacent or in front of the pantry. It spoils energies of food and eatables and affects the health of the whole office staff. No staff member should sit facing towards the toilet rooms. It will be very harmful for him.

Toilet: If toilet is attached with any cabin, then it should not be to the north-east of that cabin. Wipe office floor with vastu salt mixed with water daily. This removes negative energy and re-strengthens positive energy flow in office. Keep the toilets as much cleanly as possible. Office should also not be near any hospital, cremation ground or temple - this disturbs the aura’ of the office completely and leads to low concentration power in the office staff.


"We shape our Homes and afterwards our Homes shape us".
Can all the flats in a township be Vaastu-friendly? The answer is an obvious no. There are some basic parameters for a flat to qualify as Vaastu friendly. According to Vaastu, a house or a flat is affected by a host of factors: direction, shape, size, alignment, location of rooms, internal arrangement, and so on. Small things can make a big difference, so here are what you should look buying of the flat in which you plan to live because these things are considered very minor but have a very huge effect on Vastu principles and also natural phenomena. Before signing the dotted line and saying ‘I buy’, look for the following.

Garden: Having a garden is important as an energy source for the house, as it is the building’s connection with nature. In modern apartments you can have a terrace with potted plants.

Doors: The doors should be in the North and East. When someone enters through the door, the waves emerging from the doors affect his mind because the magnetic waves always flow around us. Some painting or window should be opposite each door.

Verandah: No corner of the Verandah should be cut off or rounded off. Verandah should be preferably on the East or North side. The floor level of the Verandah should be slightly less than the floor level of the entire house. To prevent the house from evil-eyes, seven green chilies and lemon should be hung at the main entrance of the house, shop etc.

Drawing room: Drawing room should be preferably in the Northeast or the North or the East but not in the Southwest portion of the house. More vacant space should be given in the Northeast corner of the drawing room. Door is preferable on the East towards the Northeast side.

Balcony: It should be constructed in the North-East to achieve good health and wealth and if in the houses already constructed, the balcony is in South-West, it should be covered with glass or screens.

Pooja Room: Room for prayer and meditation is recommended to be in the north-east corner of the house. Deity or image of god should not face the south direction. Ideal positions are such that you face east or west while praying. In a house consisting of ground and upper floors the Pooja room should be in the ground floor only and not at all in other floors. The ceiling of the pooja room should be lower than the ceiling of all the other rooms in the house.

Bedrooms: The Southwest portion of the house is meant for bedroom for adults. It may be located in the South, and will be congenial for comfortable living. Master bedroom may be on the upper storey, if any, in the Southwest portion of the house. Change the bed-sheets during day time. A blue bed sheet should never be used in the house.

Direction to sleep: Direction of a person while sleeping also has importance in Vastushastra. One should Never sleep having head towards the North Pole and legs towards the South Pole. However one may sleep have legs towards the West and head towards the East for mental peace, goodthoughts and spirituality. Try not to sleep in direct alignment with sharp corners.

Children room: Children room should be in the northwest or the West Side to have a better Concentration they should have a separate study close to their bedrooms.

Guest Room: The northwest corner is ideal as a guest room. This is the center for vayu and denotes movement. Guests so placed mean that they will not stay unduly long.

Safe (Cash): Petty cash for daily expenses should be kept in the North. Jewelry and other valuables should be kept inside a safe in the South. This adds to prosperity.

Kitchen: The southeast is thought to be the most auspicious location for the kitchen. This is the direction of Agni, the deity of fire. Location of kitchen has health implications. Presiding deity of the Southeast is Agni, the God of fire; hence kitchen may be located the southeast corner of the house.

Dining room: The dining room should be located in the East or the West or the North nears the kitchen. Northwest corner is good for perishable goods. Dining room may be in the Northwest direction, which leads to quicker consumption of food.

Study room: One should face the North or the East or the Northeast while studying and he will be shining more. Therefore the best locations for study room are the north, east, or northeast. These directions attract the positive effects of Mercury increasing brain power, Jupiter increasing wisdom, Sun increasing ambition and Venus helps in bringing about creativity in new thoughts and ideas. Books may be kept in the Southwest side of the room. Study room may have door on the East or the North, or the Northeast.

Bathroom: As per Vastushastra, the East is the place for the bathroom. Attached bathroom may preferably be in the North, or the East of a bedroom. Shower, bathing tub and wash basin in the bathroom may be in the Northeast, or the North or the East direction. One may have bath in the North or the East area in the bathroom. Bathroom should never be constructed in the center or in the southwest corner of the house.

Storeroom: Storeroom should be made in the Northwest or Southwest portion of the house. It is very beneficial if grains and other provisions are stored in the Northwest store. All heavy things may be stored in the Southwest of the storeroom.

Servant Quarters: These should be in the North-West corner. But load on the north and east walls should be kept at a minimum. This will keep the servants also happy.

Portico and Garages: Portico should be in the North-East and its height should be less than that of the main roof and the Garages should be in the South-East or North-West corner but load on North and East Walls be kept at the minimum.

Colours: Colors have profound effects on both the body and the mind. It is preferred that the rooms in the south are painted white without any colour to energize them. In case the kitchen is moved to south or if there are bathrooms or toilets in south, use white colour. Again here it is observed that in the kitchen, the green colour produces illness and blue colour makes the person dull.
In case the master bedroom is in northwest corner, using sky blue colour stabilizes the energy field there. People who use northwest bedrooms have experienced thoughts crowding them at night. They are also seen to suffer from too many dreams disturbing their sleep. Northwest corner is basically meant for bath and toilet purposes. This problem can be completely eliminated by using sky blue colour. You will find that once the walls are painted sky blue and the curtains are changed to light blue colour, with a blue light serving as a bed-lamp, the atmosphere becomes cozy and the sleep pattern changes to a deeper, more restful one.
In case of west rooms, used for a wrong purpose like kitchen, drawing or fire, use pink colour to stimulate the area. The rooms in east should have light, cheery green colour on the walls, whereas rooms in the northeast should have ultramarine or off-white colour on the walls.
While using colours one should always remember that the shade of any particular colour used should be light. Never use dark, heavy colours in any place of the house. Secondly, the window and door curtains should have the same colour shade as that of the wall.

Vastu tips for shops: To open the gateway of monetary benefits and smooth running of operations, Vastu for shops has come to play the role. Vastu advice for shops & showrooms is based on the deep study of various parameters like location of the shop, shop/showroom exteriors like its slope and shape, placement of cash counter, seating position of the owner and the employees, placement of goods and many more.

  1. The seating arrangement of the owner should be done in such a manner, that he/she faces east or north direction, while carrying out his/her activities. South and west directions are not recommended, as they are considered to be the source of trouble and loss to the business.
  2. Square or rectangular shape shop is auspicious.
  3. Irregular shaped showrooms are likely to cause loss to business.
  4. While constructing the shop/showroom, make sure that there is no slope towards the main entrance, as it obstructs the path of profits.
  5. Avoid placing the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi on the right or northeastern corners of the shop.
  6. For installing the cash counter, choose a place facing north side.
  7. You can keep the heavy items in the south west side of the shop

Vastu Dosha and Remedies: Vastu Dosha is a proposed defect or deficiency in the familiar features of the eight directions and these directions have been empowered with characters based on an assortment obtained from the Panch-Maha-Bhutas. However, Vastu dosha signifies spoiling the characters of the directions under circumstances. Also, such doshas are closely related with Panch-Maha-Bhutas- associated qualities of mind, soul and human body. It is possible to settle down the ill effects through ‘Sadhana’ or meditation.
Let’s take into account the remedies that are needed for the construction that are made against the principles of Vastu. At times, it happens that an act done by a man out of inexperience harms him a lot and such remedy seems to be highly impossible. Some of the remedies in getting relief from the problems are discussed below

  • If a canal or river flows in any direction other than a facing a north-east direction of the home and having an anti-clockwise movement, it is better to set a statue of Ganeshji in a dancing state facing towards the west on the north-east area of the house.
  • If a factory or a house has a wrongly faced boring direction, a Panchmukhi Hanumanji picture can be placed facing the boring’s South-West.
  • While entering in to the flat, if a bare wall is seen, either a statue or picture of Ganeshji must be placed on it as a bare wall signifies loneliness. Hence, it is advisable not to leave the wall naked.
  • Swastika Yantras can be used in improving the energy circles in some cases. Moreover, a lot of care is required and should be managed under the guidance of a capable Vastu mason.
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