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About Us
Facilities »
Who We Are
KETAN VAIDYA & ASSOCIATES is a Proprietary firm owned by eminent architect Ketan Vaidya having an exclusive experience of 15 years. Under the dynamic and well deserved leadership of Ketan Vaidya, the firm quickly grew to become a well recognized firm amongst the core Industry leaders in the field of architectural and interior designing
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Team »
Office Team
Next to our reputation, our greatest asset is our small but responsible team. They are the people who draw in all success. They display imagination and commonsense, team spirit and self-motivation with strong work ethic.
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Testimonials »
Here are a selection of testimonials showing how we perform
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Associate Firms »
Our Associate Firms
Depending on the type of project and the scope of our services, we have outside consultants that we have join our team to supply technical skills and advice so that we give our clients the best possible support for their projects. We are not too proud to admit that we need help from time to time. Because we have had longstanding business relationships and are very proud to work with them, we thought we would provide information about them.
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Associated Professionals »
Associated Professionals
Our accredited associate professionals believe in "Liking what you do determines how well you do it". Our associate professionals have combined innovation and creativity to provide exceptional commercial and corporate architectural services with the built environment that are our central achievements as Architects, Planners, Designers and Researchers.
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Social Commitments »
Social Commitments
Architect Ketan Vaidya’s is a Life Member of Paraplegic Foundation in India exclusively looking after the needs and right’s of the paraplegics.
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